What's in a Voice...?

part 4
- The Key to Unlocking Individual Potential...

It is well recognised by many people within the scientific and medical world that the health and well being of an individual depends upon many factors including their emotional and psychological states as well as their diet and exercise routines.

A consultation with Philip Sterling will involve making sure that the client is as relaxed as possible within a quiet and peaceful environment. The pattern of energy that the client has brought into the world, i.e. the astrological chart will have been studied prior to the visit. This chart shows the potential for all that they may become and the challenges that they will face. The voice print will then indicate how the challenges have been met and how much of the potential has been realised.

The client will be counselled on how best to acknowledge the current situation for all that it may represent then the specific sounds are played which stimulate the whole body to respond to the problem itself and so begin the proper process of healing.

Individual sessions are of a very personal one to one nature in which is found that most clients are prepared to talk about quite deep issues that they know are still having an effect upon their current lives and wish to find a way to let them go so that they can move forward without hindrance towards realising their innate potential

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