What's in a Voice...?

part 3
- What does it involve...?

The client talks normally into a microphone (not recorded) and the computer splits the speech into its component parts thus allowing a structured analysis from which the individual frequencies that are missing or stressed can be identified.

A medical questionnaire is filled in prior to the appointment detailing the physical and emotional history, also any medication that may currently being taken. The date and time of birth is an important factor so that the frequency pattern which is seen as the personality may be calculated. The birth dates of parents, partner and children are useful to see if their energies have an influence on the situation.

Missing frequencies are played back to the client using a specialised vibro-acoustic chair which allows the sounds to be directly felt. These are produced by the AstroSound software on the PC then amplified slightly and fed to 2 high quality transducers fitted to the back of the chair. Some people experience tingling sensations in various parts of the body, some have an emotional release such as laughter or tears, many find that breathing becomes easier and some experience visual images.

Part 4 - The Key to Unlocking Individual Potential...