History & Research - 2

Research and Discoveries


In modern times, Dr Alfred A Tomatis found that hearing or listening problems led to learning problems and so developed a system known as Audio-Psycho-Phonology and now has schools all over the world. He postulated that an individual could not speak the sounds that they could not hear. He passed away in 2001 aged 81 but has left a fine legacy, More details can be found on  www.tomatis.com

Robert A Monroe has developed a system called hemisync which gets the two sides of the brain more synchronised with each other leading to increased learning ability and reduced stress levels. He founded the Monroe Institute and all ongoing work can be seen at www.monroeinstitute.com

The work of Louis de Broglie during the 1930's has been pivotal in establishing a correspondence between the molecular weight of a substance and its resonant frequency. By this method we have now compiled a database of over 3000 items such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pathogens and many more, where the individual frequencies are known. This allows us to observe within a voice print when toxicity is present such as the aluminium, cadmium, lead or mercury.

Our language contains consonants and vowels, all of which occur as harmonics of more fundamental energies which is the actual power of the voice containing information about the physical body and its chemical and nutritional composition.

Brain Waves