History & Research

The History of Sound Therapy

Music and Sound have been used in all of our societies for thousands of years as a tool for healing and for stimulating altered states of consciousness. The Medicine Men of the native North and South Americas, the Shamans of Siberia, the Witch Doctors of Africa and of course the Aboriginal tribes all engaged with Sound in various forms to effect a change within an individual they perceived to be out of balance. The banging of a drum at particular rhythms and the toning and chanting of sacred sounds are effectively utilised to this day.

The Egyptian rituals held within the Pyramids used resonant frequencies to stimulate the expansion of consciousness and awareness leading the individual into higher realms. The very low frequencies used by the Tibetan Monks are similar in nature and desired outcome. The early Gregorian chants, combined with the resonant structure of cathedrals attempts to contact the divine and experience ascension!

Research and Discoveries