Brain Waves are Healing

The brain wave activity of the average human being ranges from about 12 Hz (cycles per second ) to about 40 Hz in the fully conscious waking state (theta waves) and frequencies impinging upon the body within this range can have a profound effect, very often felt in the head or solar plexus areas. Spectral analysis has shown that the brain wave patterns have a strong likeness to the patterns of the voice. There is constant change within these patterns but the overall picture remains within set boundaries depending upon the nature of the individual. We can now determine within this range where there is too much energy and where there is too little. By exposing the client to exactly the right frequencies, the brain starts to send repair signals to the rest of the body.

The Link between Astrology and Sound

The 12 notes of our western musical scale and the 12 signs of the zodiac have been found to have a correspondence through the science of Voice Analysis. Whichever part of the year a person is born in dictates the basic note with which the person will resonate with most strongly. The rising sign in the chart, otherwise known as the ascendant, often gives an indication which key their favourite piece of music is written in, i.e. Virgo as the ascendant corresponds with the key of 'F'. The minor key seems to be favoured by the more emotional individual. The signs of the zodiac also correspond with the physical areas of the body, Virgo corresponds with the small intestine or lower abdomen. If there should be any problems in this area then the note of 'F', tuned specifically for a particular individual, will help to alleviate any discomfort. The numbers shown on the wheel are frequencies in Hertz or 'cycles per second'.