Astrology Works !

The human being is the least predictable of all of natures systems by virtue of his reason, detachment, will, and because he is therefore capable of almost unlimited variable responses. His level of predictability is directly proportional to his level of conscious awareness and the new astrology which is emerging is primarily oriented to those who have taken some definite steps to gain increased self knowledge and to those who would take their first faltering steps along this path. The old 'fortune telling' type of astrology which many of us are familiar with must now be relegated to the past.

We are indebted to the many fine minds that have looked more carefully at astrology during the 20th century and have attempted to correlate it with some of the more (currently) accepted sciences. Reinhold Ebertin developed the theme of Cosmobiology and Michael Gauquelin, when asked by fellow scientists to disprove astrology, ended up by finding clear correlations through intensive statistical analysis. Other remarkable and valuable insights have been provided along the way by Alan Leo, Charles Carter, Dane Rudhyar and Stephen Arroyo.

The breakthroughs in the field of psychology are only now beginning to be assimilated into the mass consciousness although they began several generations ago. "The Astrology of Personality" by Dane Rudhyar published in 1936 and the more recent "Astrology, Psychology and The Four Elements" by Stephen Arroyo should become, in my opinion, standard reference books for all serious scholars who take on the task of studying the human condition and our place within the cosmos.

Psychology has dozens of 'theories of personality' which attempt to discover some semblance of order within the character and life style of the individual. Each theory assumes that there is such a thing as 'human nature' which the new-born brings into the world, chiefly in the form of general predispositions and potentialities rather than specific traits. The problem with these theories is that they are inherently based towards the sort of person who shares certain characteristics with the inventor of the theory!

If however, as evidence suggests, astrology contains a language that describes the very energies that activate a human being, it could very well be the most accurate method that we possess of describing what is truly the 'human nature' of an individual. Carl Jung commented, "Astrology offers much to psychology, but that which the latter can contribute to its elder sister is much less obvious!"

We have so removed and alienated ourselves from a feeling of direct connection with the whole of nature and the cosmos by our attempting to control and dominate our environment that our societies rules and cultural values are breaking down and being discarded at an ever increasing rate. Mankind needs to re-establish contact with the essence of the human tradition and the core of its 'psychic' or spiritual life, both of which transcend place and time. The study of astrology and psychology may start to turn this destructive tide and help us to view nature not as a machine but as an organism, with less determinism and more freedom. The emerging new world civilisation may depend upon it.